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3 Package Design Tips to Help Your Business Stand Out

Regardless if you’re operating your business from a brick-and-mortar location or simply relying on the vast cyberspace, your product packaging remains an integral part of your branding. It helps strengthen your brand recognition, especially since loyal customers and prospects alike have something to look forward to beyond the purchased product. 

Simply put, offering a compelling product is necessary, but encasing it in thoughtful packaging makes it even more powerful. It allows you to connect better with customers, creating a seamless experience that simply leaves them wanting for more. 

If you’re on the hunt for better and more creative ways to package your products, we’ve come up with these design tips. Read on and create:

Tip #1: Commit to a clear and simple packaging form

If you’re selling lip gloss and other cosmetic products, it wouldn’t make sense to enclose them in a huge box full of colorful wrapping. It may be eye-catching, but that would be a total waste of space. You’ll want your customers to know just what they’re getting in the mail, so leave out the touch of mysteriousness. 

The packaging design must be extremely clear, particularly when it comes to your brand. A few seconds should be enough to let them know that it’s that thing from your shop, and just what they need. It will also do you well to stick to something simple, one that’s busy enough to attract their attention, but enough to remain recognizable.

Tip #2: Consider adding touches of personalization

Although sticking to the classic brown-paper-packaging-tied-up-with-strings is always a welcome idea, consumer behavior now dictates otherwise. More and more people now appreciate a brand going through lengths to make the experience better, which is why most companies now treat the box or wrapping itself as another product. 

It should still showcase your brand, yes, but it should also have a touch of personalization—such as a hidden handle, cutout art figures, and other added features. 

Tip #3: Remember to provide your customers with a good unboxing experience 

For a truly memorable and impactful product packaging design, invest in creating more than just an aesthetically pleasing box. Make sure that your packaging can stand alone as part of the experience, so consider going the extra mile by providing them with a thank you card. 

Some stickers can also be welcome, along with compelling colors wrapped around the product as they dig deeper. Everything should create a sense of anticipation, and every detail should be aligned with your brand. The result? A lasting experience, one that they can share online with others. 

Take Your Business To The Next Level—Work With The Experts

Creating custom packaging designs and experiences entails more than just an overnight brainstorming session. It requires patience and determination, as well as a solid understanding of your brand and target audience. You’ll want every detail to stand out, as this is the magic formula you need to create an impactful experience. Keep your brand clear in the design, invest in personalization, and above all, honor the customer journey. 

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