Out of the Box: Packaging’s Role in Boosting Product Sales

Packaging is the first thing we see of any product, online or offline. It has two main functions: for proper containment and to adorn the item with a beautiful and functional first impression.

Packaging and e-commerce are partners in making big profits in the online market today. The industry is projected to reach $61.55 Billion by 2025. Any wise merchant should integrate creative packaging into their business now for better market performance.

We’ll outline the importance of creative packaging here and why it can make a significant impact.

Premium Packaging Gives More to Your Customers.

Great packaging is like opening a gift—an experience with added value. It has become an integral part of the presentation and identity of the brand or product.

Dotcom Distribution published a recent online survey which revealed that 40 percent of customers would buy from an online seller with exceptional packaging again because they get something extra that gives a lasting impression. The same goes for other products online. 

For instance, a CD is just a standard, regular disc with music on it. But today’s creative packaging ideas bring more life and collectability to this common product. It can be elevated from its peers and competitors. They can have obi strips, CD boxes with more artwork, special containers with extra items. These can intensify the sale value.

These concepts have worked great for e-commerce. The added value and collectability are important additions you can’t find elsewhere—not even physical stores.

Proper Packaging: Form and Function

Creative packaging must not only generate hype but also function as good containment for your product. That is its main function, after all. Postal packages, for example, have the best protective containers for each specific item to be shipped. But form, design, and function should all be intertwined to create an exceptional experience.

Even regular packaging can be enhanced to stand out. Some create branded boxes that showcase a strong identity at first look. Others use creative arrangement and layouts of the items inside, with protective fillers other than regular bubble wrap or paper for more elegance. 

And many add a customized, personal touch or include free bonus items or samples that customers appreciate more.

Maximizing the Unboxing Experience

Creative packaging plays a key role in the proper presentation. Often it is the first impression and hook that attracts target audiences and other non-customers. There’s also the experience of interacting and unboxing, with the packaging and the added value you won’t get from others.

Unboxing creates hype and anticipation. This is why unboxing videos have become popular on Youtube. With a gorgeous experience even before the product is unveiled, you are sure to attract more buyers.

Final Thoughts

Perhaps you have a great product but lack presentation and good first impressions. Maybe you have ideas to create that perfect custom package but don’t know where to start. Great packaging will improve your brand, image, and sales. It will also give more to your customers and heighten the value of everything you sell.

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